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Filters car parts - all important information about operating method, mounting, diagnostics and service life

Car filters are the devices which main purpose is to remove impurities in the different systems of the vehicle.

Types of filters
  • Air filter. Cleans the air entering the engine. Air filter is a part of air intake system.
  • Fuel filter. It filters the fuel entering the engine. It is part of the fuel system.
  • Cabin air filter. Removes contaminants from the air circulating in the cabin of the vehicle. It is a part of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Oil filter. Performs cleaning of gear, engine and lubricating oils. It is one of the components of the lubrication system.
  • Hydraulic Filter. Removes contaminants from the hydraulic fluid. It is a part of transmission.
  • Particulate filter. It cleans the exhaust gas from the soot and other contaminants. It is an element of the exhaust system of cars with diesel engines.
Filter service life

We will try to answer very clearly on the most actual question, "In what time interval do I have to change the filter?".

  • Replacement of the oil filter is to carry out every 10 000-15 000 km mileage.
  • Ideally, the service life of the air filter is 10 000 kilometers mileage, but if the vehicle is used in difficult operating conditions, the replacement of the filter can be carried out every 5 000-7 000 km.
  • Do not forget to replace the cabin filter, this should be carried out every 10 000 km.
  • It is necessary to change the fuel filter every 25 000-30 000 km.
  • The diesel particulate filter has an endless potential, it is designed for the life of the exhaust system.
  • Hydraulic filter is to be replaced after 10 000 km.
Filters failure
  • clogging of the filter;
  • malfunction.
Signs of filters failure
  • unstable operation of the engine in all its cycles;
  • decrease of power indexes;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • fresh air does not get into the cabin;
  • unpleasant smell in the cabin;
  • systematic fogging of glasses.
Causes of filters failures
  • fuel, oils, liquid quality;
  • level of air contamination;
  • operating conditions;
  • mechanical damage;
  • violation of the limiting operation terms;
  • not following time intervals between services;
  • incorrect repairs or replacement;
  • quality of filter components;
  • low competence in selecting filters.
Filter replacement

How do I change the filter? You no longer need to spend time searching for the answer to this question - we did it for you.

Filter malfunction means that it is time to buy a new part. Replacement of the filter is the only way out in this situation.

In order to replace air filter by yourself, you need to order a new item in our online shop, open the casing cover, dispose of the old filter, install a new one, close the casing cover, close the hood.

In order to change fuel filter, you need to turn off the fuel pump fuse, remove the fasteners of the filter protection block, disconnect clamp and fixations from this item, recycle old spare part, replace it by a new one, connect fixations and clamp, screw the protection block, turn on the fuse.

As a rule, the cabin filter replacement does not take a lot of time and effort. To get access to this detail at most part of vehicles you need only to remove the glove box, unscrew the filter housing and replace the old item to a new one.

As for hydraulic and oil filters replacement, it is better to let professionals do it. This will allows you not only to save your time but also save you from quite dirty and tiring process.

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    Number of article: OX 149D
    In stock
    £ 4,00
    You Save: 30%
    £ 2,45
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Outer diameter [mm]: 76,0
    • Height [mm]: 79,0
    • Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 22,5
    • Inner diameter [mm]: 22,5
    • Filter type: Filter Insert
    • Height 1 [mm]: 79,0
    • Diameter 4 [mm]: 22,5
    • Condition: New
  • DENSO Filter, interior air
    Number of article: DCF461P
    In stock
    £ 4,34
    £ 3,47
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Filter type: Particulate Filter
    • Length [mm]: 280
    • Width [mm]: 205
    • Height [mm]: 25
    • Weight [g]: 80
    • Condition: New
  • MANN-FILTER Oil Filter
    Number of article: HU 726/2 x
    In stock
    £ 7,15
    £ 5,72
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Outer diameter [mm]: 64
    • Height [mm]: 153
    • Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 25
    • Inner diameter [mm]: 25
    • Part number of the recommended special tools: LS 7
    • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with seal
    • Condition: New
  • PURFLUX Oil Filter
    Number of article: LS867B
    In stock
    £ 4,88
    £ 3,90
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Outer diameter [mm]: 76
    • Height [mm]: 85
    • Connecting thread: M20x1,5
    • Condition: New
  • CHAMPION Oil Filter
    Number of article: COF100136S
    In stock
    £ 4,82
    £ 3,86
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Outer diameter [mm]: 76
    • Height [mm]: 52
    • Thread Size: M 20 x 1.5
    • Filter type: Screw-on Filter
    • Bypass Valve Opening Pressure [bar]: 1
    • Sealing Ring Diameter from [mm]: 62
    • Sealing Ring Diameter up to [mm]: 71
    • Condition: New
  • BOSCH Oil Filter
    Number of article: 1 457 429 249
    In stock
    £ 6,76
    £ 5,41
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Height [mm]: 69
    • Filter type: Filter Insert
    • Diameter [mm]: 64
    • Diameter 1 [mm]: 29
    • Condition: New
  • BOSCH Oil Filter
    Number of article: 1 457 429 192
    In stock
    £ 6,19
    £ 4,95
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Height [mm]: 140,5
    • Filter type: Filter Insert
    • Height 1 [mm]: 95,2
    • Diameter [mm]: 70,5
    • Diameter 1 [mm]: 15,2
    • Diameter 2 [mm]: 70500
    • Condition: New
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Oil Filter
    Number of article: 22546
    In stock
    £ 4,63
    £ 3,70
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Outer diameter [mm]: 71,7
    • Height [mm]: 140,8
    • Inner diameter [mm]: 29,0
    • Filter type: Filter Insert
    • Supplementary Article/Info 2: with seal
    • Weight [kg]: 0,085
    • Condition: New
    Number of article: OX 153D3
    In stock
    £ 5,00
    You Save: 33%
    £ 3,36
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Outer diameter [mm]: 64,3
    • Height [mm]: 115,0
    • Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 31,4
    • Inner diameter [mm]: 31,4
    • Filter type: Filter Insert
    • Height 1 [mm]: 105,1
    • Condition: New
  • MANN-FILTER Oil Filter
    Number of article: W 719/30
    In stock
    £ 7,57
    £ 6,06
    incl. 20% VAT
    • Outer diameter [mm]: 76
    • Height [mm]: 123
    • Thread Size: 3/4-16 UNF
    • Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 62
    • Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 71
    • Bypass Valve Opening Pressure [bar]: 2,5
    • Part number of the recommended special tools: LS 7
    • Supplementary Article/Info 2: with one anti-return valve
    • Condition: New